Building a website can be as scary as facing a dragon.

But what if you had a dragon on your side? That is where I come in. I know running a business is stressful enough without having to learn a whole new skill set just to build and maintain a website. Why not let me do what I do best while you focus on your business?

Your Friendly Web Dragon is here to take the pain out of web building.

Hi I’m Olivia, aka the Web Dragon. I’m a maintenance wiz. The number of times I have had clients come to me for a “simple content update” or “refresh” on their website, only to find they haven’t touched it in months or years and there are now so many system updates that there is guaranteed to be at least 1 crash in the process. While happy to take my security recommendations, clients are constantly appalled by the number of hacks that their site has had and the amount of time it will now take to clean up their site and make it secure. It is even more disappointing for those who had a “pro” build their site, but who left out all the security and legal stuff. 

While I understand that this stuff likely stresses business owners out and leaves them in a bit of a panic. I love this stuff. This is what I consider fun. (I’m an odd one, I know.)

I can do more than just build websites, I maintain them too.

Web Maintenance

To keep your beautiful website up and running smoothly it will need regular maintenance. I can take that monthly/weekly task off your to do list. 

Website Rescue

Website acting hinky? Suddenly slowing down? Let’s  set up a call so I can take a look. Then I will send you recommendations and a quote for rescuing and breathing new life into your website.

Web Development

Just need a simple website to get you going? Need it quick? The web dragon has your back.  Or do you need a custom website built just the way you dreamed. I do that too.

Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can. Of course, I could be wrong.

--Sir Terry Pratchett


Past Adventures

What started out as a website update and rescue became a re-build when I found the “done for you” company that had built the site then ghosted had not used best practices. I re-built the site so it was light, fast and easy to update and make changes. 

A custom 1 page build. MIAP Creatives provided the logo. Client needed something simple to explain her services and to link to her scheduling platform.  

What Clients Say About Their Adventure