Since I like to be helpful I thought I would provide a list of amazing people who can help your business in all the things that help it grow. This list will get updated as I find more fantastic freelancers to make business life easier and more successful. 


You know how “the pen is mightier than the sword”? That is because of copywriters. These experts are the ones who make sure your brand is consistant and that the benefits of your service or product gets across. 

It is one thing to grab your audience’s attention, but quite another to hold it. With engaging copy, you can do both. A reader wants to believe you’re speaking to them. They’re looking for a connection. They need to trust you. They want to feel understood. Nail these vital criteria, and they will buy from you.

Graphic designers

While I partnered with Whisky Thistle Designs, I mean having a sister who is a graphic designer is awesome. She can occasionally be unreachable due to her other job. Also, I think you deserve some options. Below are some great designers for you to check out.

Ted started Logo Further LLC to provide what he likes to call “down-to-earth design”. Specializing in logo and brand design, he works to create graphics for clients that are truly usable, not just flashy, at equally practical prices. Approachability and accessibility are top priorities for Ted and Logo Further so clients always know what they are getting as well as when and why. 

LogoFurther Branding Poster

MIAP Creatives

Ann is a freelance graphic designer specializing in social media graphics, book covers and plug and play templates. She also does logos and branding. Her prices are great and she is a breeze to work with. Check out her instagram for more info.

Miap Creatives Logo Poster

Social Media Management and Virtual Assistants

If just the thought of trying to figure out the strategy, posts, graphics, and scheduling of social media for your business makes you want to hide under the covers, these people are the knights in shining digital armor come to save the day. They also do a myriad of other tasks (the social media scares me the most so that what I highlighted). Read on to find your champion to slay all those terrifying bits of running a business that you don’t know how or don’t have time for.

Navigational Virtual Solutions, LLC

Liz is an amazing swiss army knife of the VA world.  She does everything from general assistant tasks, web development, social media management and copywriting.  And she covers all the major platforms, Facebook Instagram, and Linkedin. She is even adding Pinterest! Let her take some of those tasks on so you have more time for your business.

Jasmine's Virtual Solutions

Jasmine is another powerhouse VA. She can do ghostwriting, social media management, lead research and calendar management, just to name a few. She is especially versed in e-commerce and  how a VA can help in the pet care industry. Always friendly and professional she is great to work with. See how she can help you and your business thrive by checking out her Facebook.

What we stand for


To help small businesses claim their share of the online space with captivating websites. To act with integrity and honesty. To create with passion, imagination and humor.


To create a business where free spirits and creatives can help each other thrive while helping clients businesses exceed their goals. 

Elevating websites from mundane to mythical.