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A few examples of past website builds. If you don’t see the type of website you are looking for let us know. It may be that I haven’t had the opportunity to build one yet. 

Past Projects

This is one of my favorite websites. I got to hang out at the comic book store, who doesn’t want to do that?!

Once determining that the owners did not want to sell directly online due to how rapidly their inventory changes, we settled on a simple site built on Weebly through their Square. This was the most economical and streamlined way to create the website they wanted.  

What they wanted was a simple clean site that would show off some of their offerings and stock so people would be encouraged to come in and have a look around.

Carl's Cactus Comics Website Grab
Ck Bookkeeping LLc website image

After getting burned by a “done-for-you” company, Cathy wanted a one-page site where she could display her credentials and showcase her bookkeeping and payroll services.  MIAP Creatives provided her logo. Web Dragon Digital Media Ltd. Build the site with all the functionality that she needed and aided in the design.

Cathy CK Bookkeeping Llc

Olivia is a wonderful partner in helping me build a website. She is very knowledgeable and I enjoy working with her!

Cathy Krupa


CK Bookkeeping LLC

Valecia came to me after the company that built their site became unreachable. What started out as a website rescue quickly became a re-build when we discovered that the past developer had used a bloated theme and not cleared the unused extras. That along with not optimizing any of the images was killing the site’s page speed.  The re-build included changes to the layouts, pages, links, and more. 

We decided building with Elementor would be the best option as it would make it simple for her to do the small edits and additions herself.

We were able to reduce the site size from over 500 MB to less than 6 MB which massively increased page speed, and that was after adding in sections, images, and pages.

Above the Heart website Screen Capture
Valecia Carter of Above the Heart LLC

When I needed help with my website Olivia Walter’s went above and beyond to ensure me that she was more than capable to bring my website up to date and more presentable. She made my site more resourceful and administrator friendly. Prior to her redesign I wasn’t able to successfully add content or remove content without terribly messing up the entire site. She was patient, understanding and very informative by showing and telling me all I needed to know in order to maintain our website. I am more comfortable with going in the background of our site and make updates. Whenever I needed help after Olivia completed the task, she has been more than happy to explain to me whatever was needed to give me a better understanding, so I knew what to do. She is extremely knowledgeable and very tech savvy and has always displayed great professionalism. I will definitely request her services again.

Valecia Carter


Above the Heart LLC

Tropical Admin Logo

Ulani is an amazing Virtual Assistant. Since she was busy working with clients she reached out to Web Dragon Digital Media Ltd. for help with her Squarespace website.  We added several pages, contact form, social media links, changed the layout and design.


Tropical Admin Old website image


Tropical Admin New Website Image